Seth McClaine graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2007, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and graphic design. Since then he’s been selling his art at shows, local shops, commissions, through his website and his Etsy Shop.


Seth is originally from Clarion, Pennsylvania. He now lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The majority of the paintings that he makes are cityscapes and landscapes. Most of these are painted from photographs that he has taken himself in the Western Pennsylvania area, but some are taken while traveling as well.

My painting reception at Shaw Galleries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 7, 2015.


Many of his citycapes are scenes from Pittsburgh and his hometown of Clarion. These paintings are inspired by his love of city life and all of the interesting architecture, lights, traffic, people and other objects that can be found while moving along the city streets.


His love of nature and it’s beauty has inspired his numerous landscapes. His many visits to nearby Cook Forest State Park, has led him to paint many scenes of the park.


In Seth’s paintings a lot of the details in the scene have been reduced to basic shapes. For him the painting is more about giving the viewer the feel of the scene, than it is to show every detail of the actual location. Light and shadows are very important in his art, which helps to create a lot of depth in the painting.


All of his paintings are oil on canvas and are gallery wrapped around stretcher bars. The sides of the paintings are painted solid black. They can be hung with or without a frame.  Each painting has eye hooks and a wire attached for hanging.  The paintings are signed on the front and signed and dated on the back.

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